Renting apartments

Our agency has apartments in Petrovac intended for daily rentals.

The apartments are located 30 meters from the beach and have a view of the sea, city beach, promenade, and Castello fortress.

Each apartment has Wi-Fi, air conditioning, equipped kitchen, TV, bathroom, and a balcony with a view.

In addition to apartments, we also offer rooms with a bathroom, which have a view of the sea, city beach, the islands of Sveti Stefan and Katich.

Each room has Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, bathroom, and a terrace where guests can enjoy the beautiful sea view.

The promenade, leading to the Perazica Do beach, is located close to the apartments where you can enjoy fresh air, pine forests and the sea.

The apartments have secure parking, city promenade, Castello fortress, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and stores are just a few steps away.

Our long-standing experience in this business, combined with the quality of accommodation and services we offer, will make you our regular guests

Legal services

Porto Office is a specialized agency that provides fast and high-quality services from various legal areas.

Establishing a company in Montenegro is fast, easy and simple. Montenegro is ranked as one of the best places for doing business. The maximum time for complete company establishment is 7 working days.

Our legal services include

  • Incorporation and registration of legal entities and business units (statutes, decisions, contracts and registration in the CRPS).
  • Preparation of documentation related to employment law (employment contract, registering and deregistering employees, tax office registration)
  • Preparation of various types of contracts
  • Application for work and residence permits for non-residents
  • We are involved in preparing the necessary documentation for obtaining work permits for foreigners, both seasonal and annual.
  • Work permits (seasonal and annual)
  • Permit for staying based on property ownership
  • Permit for staying based on family reunification
  • Permit for staying based on education
  • Translation services

Administrative services

Speed up your administrative tasks and make them efficient with Porto Office agency. We offer professional handling of all administrative tasks for all types of businesses.

  • Preparation of requests, petitions and forms
  • Submission of documentation to institutions and clients
  • Filing of tax returns for real estate buyers
  • Transfer of utility bills (electricity, water, waste) to the name of the new property owner
  • Our services include the rental of a business address where you will receive your company’s mail and the possibility of redirecting the mail to another address of your choice.

Real Estate Sales

Our agency deals with real estate transactions in the Budva municipality area. By working with us, the buyer will receive a detailed presentation at the viewing and full support in closing the deal.

  • Property valuation
  • Advertising real estate – on our websites, social networks, various real estate advertising portals
  • Presenting real estate in a professional and knowledgeable manner
  • Mediating negotiations – providing assistance in negotiations, during the sale or purchase of real estate
  • Document verification – checking land registry documentation to protect the buyer and seller
  • Legal support with a notary office
  • Administrative tasks – filing tax returns for buyers after purchasing real estate, transferring utility accounts (water, electricity, cleaning) to the new property owner

Accommodation registration / Categorization

We provide services  for obtaining a license for catering businesses an legal entities.This solution enables an individual or owner of an apartment,building, house to register and categorize their accommodation capacity and providing accommodation services.
Licenses for catering activities can be obtained by natural and legal entities who have:

  • A usage permit (if there is no usage permit, an electricity certificate must be attached)
  • Settled obligations to the municipality
  • Settled obligations to the Tax Administration
  • The property is in their name

With this service, we obtain complete documentation to register your accommodation instead and raise a solution.